Hospital Checklist: What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

Hospital Checklist: What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

You’ve finished decorating your nursery, the car seat is installed, but that dooming hospital bag checklist has yet to be conquered.

If you’re one month from your due date, it’s time to put yourself back on the to-do list. You’ll have plenty of other things on your mind when your contractions start and packing your bag shouldn’t be one of them.

We enlisted the help of you(!)—our customers—to provide us with the essential items you packed (and wished you would have!) for your hospital stay.

For the little one: Kimono style tops, Swaddling Blanket + Hat

  • “Kimono style tops so not to irritate baby’s umbilical cord + the Monica & Andy app so you can order clothes from your phone!” – @angelajcarmody
  • “Baby clothes in different sizes.. you never know 😄” – @Greenroxygirl

For Mama:  Comfy Robe, Hands Free Pump, Nursing Tank or Bra, Nursing Pillow, Towel, Slippers, Shower Sandals, Socks,  Pillow + SNACKS!

  • “Hands free pump bra! I absolutely realized how important the bra was when pumping for my baby in the NICU.” -@Willwork4shoes
  • “I packed my own robe. After being in a hospital gown for so long it was very comforting to be in clothing of my own!” – @weisling
  • “Towels!! They are so small at the hospital.” -@Krios1027
  • “Pillows from home, shower sandals, slippers, fluffy soft socks, lots of snacks (mostly for the hubby), robe, & comfy clothes to come home in. 💙” – @Kerrianne.reid
  • “Socks and good slippers. A nice robe, chapstick, phone/electronic chargers, hair ties, comfy lounge clothes, a nursing pillow (c-section mama here, who couldn’t have survived without one, plus it helps siblings hold baby) a good night-time nursing bra-and nursing pads 😬😁” – @Brieanns
  • “Tons of your favorite snacks, cafeteria isn’t always open when you’re hungry!” – @Laureneliza04

Electronics: Charger, Extension Cord, Speaker + Camera

  • “An EXTENSION CORD. It made being on my phone allot easier while it was charging so I could still take pictures and update family of the new baby!” – @Daniiimalss
  • “Bluetooth speaker (create your own labor playlist!)” – @jerricaselenke

Beauty Essentials: Dry Shampoo, Lip Balm, Lotion, Hair-Ties, Nipple Cream, Deodorant + Waterproof Mascara

  • “Comfy robe, dry shampoo and waterproof mascara (for obvious reasons 😭) made me feel like a new woman! I didn’t pack my own pillow, but by the first night I had my sister bring it! Such a game changer 🙌 “ — @_lauren_ryan
  • “A good lotion! Hospitals get so dry. An oversized button down shirt is a close second.” – @ash_pabst“Lip balm and nipple balm! comfy pjs for Mama and a cute outfit + blanket for the little one ❤️🌸😍” – @Z_khawaja