10 Must-Have Products to Buy for Your Newborn

10 Must-Have Products to Buy for Your Newborn

Putting together a nursery or baby registry can feel like learning a foreign language—Uppa-what? Bugga-who?—which is why every mama needs a set of trusty crib notes. Can you survive without these products? Totally. But will they make life ten times easier? Like you wouldn’t believe. From strollers to activity mats and nursing covers, here are the hero baby products we’ve found are worth every single penny.

1. 4moms Mamaroo

Nothing soothes a newborn like motion, and this cult combo of a bouncer and swing may be the closest thing to rocking in mom’s arms. The Mamaroo scores extra points for its sleek design, iPhone compatibility (you can control music and motion with a tap of your phone) and easy-peasy assembly. @4moms_hq

2. Fridababy NoseFrida

Babies are frequently stuffed up (and snort like little piglets—it’s normal!) This genius nasal aspirator makes it easy to unplug their noses safely with a few quick sucks on your end. (Fear not—no boogs can enter your mouth.) It’s nearly as satisfying for you as it is for baby. @fridababy

3. DockAtot Deluxe+ Dock

You’ll need a cozy spot for baby to rest and play when your arms aren’t free (or dead from four hours of cuddle time). This snug little docking station has rounded, raised sides that hug baby (translation: less fuss) while you brush your teeth. @dockAtot

4. Monica + Andy Basics Collection

The hot pink tutu has its place, but the littlest of babies live in cozy basics. Our collection of organic cotton tees, track pants, sweatshirts and hoodies (in neutral, goes-with-everything colors) are built for all-day snuggles. @monicaandandy

5. The Honest Company Diapers and Wipes Bundle

Newborns fly through more diapers (around 10 a day) and wipes than you ever thought possible, and a subscription service can help cut back on the weekly Target trips. Honest diapers come in a variety of cute prints and don’t have that heavy fragrance smell of other diapers. @honest

6. UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller

When you see the same stroller on every street corner, you know it’s there for a reason—the Vista’s a practically perfect wingman for your growing fam. There’s the cozy bassinet that doubles as a safe spot for newborns to sleep at night, the massive, easy-access undercarriage for grocery runs, shock-absorbing wheels for a smooth and sleepy ride—and the fact that it adapts to fit up to three kiddos. This is your investment piece. @uppababy

7. LoveEvery The Play Gym

An activity gym with high contrast colors, sounds, and textures is where your little will hang to play and do tummy time, and there’s one that stands out from the pack as extra thoughtful: the LoveEvery Play Gym was developed by academics to incorporate stage-based learning, meaning there’s fun different forms of stimulation for each passing month. It’s also not bad to look at in your living room. @loveeverybaby

8. Monica + Andy Coming Home Blanket

Newborns spend much of that first month wrapped up like a tiny burrito, and the fabric that first touches their sensitive skin matters. Our Coming Home Blanket has all the softness and a perfect amount of stretch. We can’t get enough of the FirEver print for holiday babies.

9. Milk Snob Cover

It’s the stylish and multifunctional piece of fabric you won’t leave home without—this cover is perfect for nursing in public, but also fits over car seats and strollers for some nap time privacy, blocking the sun, or shielding baby from the person coughing next to you in line. @Milksnob

10. Ergobaby Omni 360

At a certain point, you’ll realize you need your hands back to eat and do laundry. That’s where baby wearing comes into play—the Ergobaby Omni360 adjusts so baby can face in, out, or even hang out on your hip or back (like a backpack) as the months go on. You’ll need to purchase an infant insert for littles under 12 pounds, but this one is worth the long-term investment. @ergobaby