31 Katya Libin – The CEO & Co-Founder of Heymama on Building a Community Around the World

31 Katya Libin – The CEO & Co-Founder of Heymama on Building a Community Around the World

Today’s guest is Katya Libin, one of the powerhouse women behind Heymama, a membership only network to support modern working and entrepreneurial mothers. The group boasts more than 700 CEOs, founders, creatives, and leaders in countless industries. After spending years in sales in the tech industry, Katya wanted to find a better way to support women and help moms connect – that’s how Heymama was born.

What exactly is Heymama? It’s an amazing source of community inspiration, and career intel and support for mamas, with a combination of daily inspirational editorial content, high profile partnerships, national events, and community meet ups.

In this episode, Monica sat down to chat with Katya about they company’s journey: what steps she took early on to help herself and the company, how they attracted such an amazing community of women, the value of a good ambassador program, and the highs and lows of starting a membership-based business.

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“What could we provide as a community that would be invaluable to these women as they’re at different stages of their professional growth?” – Katya Libin

Show Notes:

  • What is Heymama
  • How she and co-founder Ann Marie got the idea for this business
  • When they launched Heymama
  • How their Instagram account made an impact for their brand
  • How to leverage your network
  • Why they decided to move to a membership model
  • What is the geographic makeup of their membership and how they’re creating community around the globe
  • Where Heymama’s growth comes from
  • How the ambassador program factors into their business
  • What the Heymama team looks like
  • What challenges Katya has gone through
  • What pinch-me moments the company has had

“Leverage your power users and supporters.” – Katya Libin

Links Mentioned:

  • Check out Heymama
  • Connect with Katya:

Instagram | Twitter

“It’s a breath of fresh air to see this time when we’re choosing empowering and supporting each other and leveling the playing field so we can all be more successful.” – Katya Libin