15 Maggie Winter – The Founder of AYR on Creating a Brand that People Connect To

15 Maggie Winter – The Founder of AYR on Creating a Brand that People Connect To

In 2014, Maggie Winter and her co-founder Jac Cameron set out to create a line they felt was missing in the marketplace: affordable, high-quality seasonless fashion basics. Fast forward to today, AYR (All Year Round)does just that.

The digitally native brand has developed a cult following, found success with pop-up shops in New York, and is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to non-traditional retail.

In this episode, Maggie chats about the future of retail, her plans for additional stores, what makes the culture at AYR so different, and the key things to keep in mind when hiring (at any stage of the game).

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“The fact that we’re small means that everything we produce is a direct reflection of the twelve of us who work here.” – Maggie Winter

Show Notes:

  • Who AYR aims to serve
  • They advantage they had when they launched
  • What kind of essentials AYR designs
  • The expectations for a women’s brand have changed
  • The differences between selling online versus retail
  • How you can be successful in small retail spaces
  • How AYR creates such good content
  • The power of an email address
  • How to create a company culture that reflects the brand
  • Why you don’t have to launch new things all the time
  • The team structure at AYR
  • What qualities Maggie appreciates in her team
  • How she adjusted her expectations to work at a smaller company
  • The mindset of working at a smaller company
  • No one truly knows what they’re doing

“When you’re dressed in a way that is comfortable and empowering, it makes you feel able to go conquer the world because you’re not fussing over your wardrobe.” – Maggie Winter

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“The idea is to make a longer term investment in the product that we consume and in the people that are wearing it.” – Maggie Winter