35 Renata Quintini – The Venture Capitalist of Lux Capital on What Will Make A Startup Succeed

35 Renata Quintini – The Venture Capitalist of Lux Capital on What Will Make A Startup Succeed

Our guest today has had such an interesting path, even before she became a venture capitalist with startup clients like Dollar Shave Club, Bonobos, and Planet Metromile in her portfolio. Renata Quintini was born and raised in Brazil and began her professional career there as an attorney representing future capital clients who were backing Brazilian startups.

Today, Renata is a partner of Lux Capital, a New York-based venture capital firm focused on deep tech investing. The firm invests in ambitious startups that aim to help us not only live longer, but also live well. In this episode, Renata reveals the top qualities she has seen in the most successful entrepreneurs, as well as the red flags she’s seen in people along the way.

Listen for her thoughts on how imperative founder/company fit is, as well as how crucial it is for CEOs to embrace failures and learn from them. 

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Think a lot about how you can make the most of what you got, and be deliberate about that.” – Renata Quintini

Show Notes:

  • How Renata left her work in Brazil and became a venture capitalist in America.
  • What Renata learned in her early relationships and why they yielded such good information.
  • How being an immigrant has shaped her business outlook.
  • Why a certain attitude is necessary for someone in Renata’s position.
  • The importance of authenticity.
  • Why the ability to be simultaneously confident and humble is key for startup success.
  • What Renata’s main focus is in evaluating companies.
  • The qualities that help and hurt an interested investor.
  • Why focusing on the founder/company fit is so important in the startups world.
  • The importance of focusing on your own personal opportunity cost for your life.
  • How the quality of restlessness breeds other important attributes in entrepreneurs.
  • Why diversity is good for businesses, investors, and consumers.

When I meet a founder, I always want to know where they’re coming from, what they see that I don’t see. I want to put my head in their world.” – Renata Quintini

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“The ability of the [leader of the startup] to put themselves in the place of the end-user is critical.” – Renata Quintini