A Gift Guide for Y-O-U

A Gift Guide for Y-O-U

You know those motivational sayings you see on Pinterest? The ones that say things like Become a Priority in Your Life. Most days you look at them and think But First Coffee + Carpool + Laundry + Work. However, when the holidays roll around we think it’s necessary and essential to make them your #momlife mantras.

To help you shift your mindset, we’ve gathered up our favorite holiday treats for m-o-m (that’s you). Gift yourself or send your favorite item to your partner as a subtle hint.

In other words, “Put Yourself On Your Holiday To-Do List” Feels sooooo good.


Recliner, PJ Set in Newspaper, $125

Finally! Stylish, flattering and seriously comfortable sleepwear you’ll actually want to wear.*



The Daily Edited, Vegan Travel Case, $120 and Passport Holder, $70

Life with babies requires us to be super organized at all times. And we love that it’s vegan!


Glossier, Build Your Own Phase 2 Set, $40

We’re fans of all things Glossier, obvi. This set is a great excuse to treat yourself to more of it.


Azeeza Camel & Gold Abstract Scattered Beanie, $98

The perfect hat to add a little glam to any occasion (even if you’re covering up spit-up covered sweats underneath that coat).


MyCharge Charger, $99

For those times when charging your phone didn’t make your “to-do” list.



STATE Bags, Mini Kane Coated Canvas, $60

A seriously stylish backpack to hold all your odds and ends (and boogie wipes, diapers and pouches).  


Erin Pelicano Fine Gold Personalized Cuff, $900

Classic and chic. The perfect layering bracelet you’ll wear for years. 


Cote Luxe Set, $75

Who has time for a mani or pedi? Now you do!


Norden x The Granite Candle, $75

The perfect candle to cozy up to for a lazy weekend at home. Once you’ve burned through the candle, the handmade ceramic holder doubles as a (super cute) mug!



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*not sponsored, just fans!